• Assembly Assembly!

    Crowds of villagers assemble for a peaceful walk of protest.

    Read about the Coggeshall protest walk below.
  • Walking Massed Ranks

    The massed ranks of community members walk the scenic route to make our protest..
  • Queue Traffic

    We ensured that we were not blocking the way of those wishing to leave Marks Hall.

    Read about the Coggeshall protest walk below.
  • Orderly Line Instructions

    Prior to setting off instruction about behaviour and trespass were given to as many as possible to ensure an orderly protest.
  • Picnic Scout Hut

    This building has recently been built to replace the existing village Scout hut. In agreement with Honywood school both sides invested to build something that neither could afford alone. This is to be destroyed in the planned rebuild of the school.
  • Waving Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be converted to a maze of narrow streets and cramped housing.
  • Character Distinctive Buildings

    Coggeshall is full of buildings with history that can easily be identified and do not merge into one.
  • Tilkey Road Tilkey Road

    Currently the estate will access the end of Tilkey Road only with a footpath and cycle way, but will this route be expanded to include traffic?
  • Diggers in the Street Delays

    Construction traffic will be travelling through the village on a daily basis.
  • Listed Houses Character

    The village has a high proportion of listed houses and it is this that makes is attractive.
  • Fields Fields to be Destroyed

    This green field is due to be built upon reducing the natural drainage on the hill above the village.
  • Central Coggeshall Idyllic

    Our small community looks inwards towards its heart.

Coggeshall Community Action Group

Although we as members of the CCAG tke the opportunity at community meetings to present and introduce ourselves to you. It has been voiced that our online presence both here and via Facebook is anonymous. To rectify this issue let us introduce ourselves to you again. We are:

  • Martyn Lucas - Chair
  • Paul Chapman - Treasurer
  • Jane Crone - Secretary
  • Jay Knox-Crichton - Website Manager
  • Beverley Nichols - Facebook Coordinator
  • Rebecca Nicholls - Facebook Coordinator
  • Lisa Randall - Committee Member
  • Tom Walsh - Coordinator Advisory
A more complete introduction may follow in time.


New items will be listed here to help spread information and keep you informed of any updates or changes on the site.

Media Coverage

We are contacting local papers, radio and TV to raise awareness of this proposal and potential destruction of our village.

For more on this subject follow this link...

Planning Issues

Plan, click to view in full

Above is a small image of the proposed plans, by clicking on the map you will be able to see the plan in full.

For more on this subject follow this link...

Traffic Issues

Save Lives Not Time

There are several issues that this proposed development will cause in regard to traffic.
This is one of the most dangerous roads in the country as amply detailed at Save Lives Not Time.com .

For more on this subject follow this link...

Green Issues

The removal of so much green space immediately around the village, green space, will of course have an impact upon the whole community.

For more on this subject follow this link...


We are lucky in having the best resource possible, the backing of our community. With individuals of many trades and varying years in experience we have formed the CCAG to combat the poorly thought out plans for our village.

For more on this subject follow this link...